Bannack Masonic Temple Bannack Masonic Temple Bannack Masonic Temple in light snow. Bannack Peak 7287 feet high in background. 190894826 Bannack Masonic Temple at sunset. Vivid sunset and actually the view is looking East. 190894827 Bro William Bell Funeral Reenactment. Masons and bystanders listening to Bro Jack Davison conduct the commemorative funeral service for Bro. William Bell whose funeral was held by 76 Masons in November 1862. Bell's death was the first natural death in Bannack. 190894828 Cooks for September 2012 Masonic Feed Cooks Tim Gore, Mike Gordon and Derek Gore of Dillon Lodge No. 16 cooking steaks for the 2012 Masonic gathering at Bannack held the 3rd week in September. 190894829 Masonic Temple & School at Night Masonic Temple and School taken at night, Thanksgiving Evening 2013. 190894830 Bannack Days 2012 WB Dave Prewett and Bannack Park Manager Dale Carlson. 190894831 The East Wb Dave Prewett and Bros John Ellingsen and Bannack Historic Lodge No. 3-7-77 Secretary David Martinez. 190894832 Closing the Lodge WB Jack Levitt, PGM California, closing Bannack Historic Lodge No. 16, September 2012. 190894833