Bannack Historic Lodge No. 3-7-77
in Bannack State Park @ Bannack, Montana
Montana's First Territorial Capital

Brothers that have passed to the Celestial Lodge

Greetings Brothers from your Secretary of 3-7-77
Our roles now show a spectacular number of 1382 members. I realize that a few have made that trip to " That house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens." 
We have diligently tried to recognize those that have passed on but am sure we have missed giving proper recognition at our Annual Meeting to a few of those deserving it. 
I want to be sure our lodge records are accurate and also want to be sure all of those Brothers are recorded as such.  I  am asking for your assistance with this matter.  If you know of a Brother of Bannack Historic Lodge No. 3-7-77 that has passed on, please drop me a line and I will check my roster and see if he is still on the active rolls.  Even if you think that they may belonged to Bannack Lodge but you are not sure, please include those names also, so I can check them within our records of membership.  I would rather get names of Brothers that did not belong and have passed than miss one that did and I failed to get them recognized and recorded.   I am sure we have most of those such deceased Brothers in the past accurately recorded so I would like to say, let's start from last September or a couple of years back, but why not send me all of the names of Brothers that may have possibly belonged and have passed from day one of the Lodge in 2000 and let me check through them. That is only 10 years.  Thanks in advance for your help with this list.
I am getting ready for our annual meeting on September 10, 2011 and I would like to report about the accuracy of our membership. 

Thanks, please send this information to:
Your Secretary,
Dave Martinez

""Your Lodge Secretary Is Always Ready To Assist You""

W Bro. David Martinez 

1311 South Grand Ave.

Bozeman, MT  59715

1-406-587-3251 Dave's Home


Brother Master Masons,

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Dave Martinez, Secretary 3-7-77

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